Astrid Offices is an exceptional
intimate project  in the heart of Holešovice.

About the project

The combination of unique architecture and state of the art technologies formed more than just a building, but synergized in living space where you enjoy to create, make decisions, plan, discuss...

The office building consists of five above ground and two underground floors. Extensive glazed areas with the use of outdoor vertical lamellas and horizontal louvers on the building façade provide very pleasant natural light.

There are several co-working spots available within the building including the lobby, the common green areas and roof terrace to network and find inspiration.

Holešovice is a quarter dedicated to bikers and supports this ecological form of transport. We provide spatial bike room with bike washer and changing facilities for your maximum comfort.

The bike room, bicycle washer, coworking center, relaxation and relaxation areas are obviously part of ASTRID OFFICES

Flexible tenancy arrangements  2 Lifts  3,0 m office areas clear height  Raised floors with multiple floor boxes  Optical data connection  Backup power source Modern cooling system  Heating with radiators  Thermal pumps  Operable windows  24/7 reception desk and security  Access control system  CCTV  CO₂ detection in all rental spaces  Bike parking & care: racks, bike-wash, showers, changing rooms 

3 420 sqm  ▪ Office area

  690 sqm    Commercial area

                5    Above-ground floors

                2   ▪ Underground floors
              76   ▪ Parking places

This rapidly-evolving modern environment is open to your needs and will recharge your inspiration.